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About Us

What Are We?

Guestbook 247 is a leading cloud based property management system (PMS) aimed at guest accommodation partners to allows them to generate more bookings and to make day to day management of guest, bookings and related task easier, quicker, accessible and reliable.

Guestbook 247 is a cloud based application, accessed via any modern browser on desktop PC, laptop, tablet or even smartphones. So if you manage a guesthouse, b&b, hotel, apartments or pension you can run your business stress free from any where any time.

How Did We Start?

In short, on a chairlift in Austria. It was another exciting day out skiing for Wayne and Ben when chatting on a chairlift we discussed the idea for a booking management system. Wayne the tech guy and Ben the property owner - the perfect match for seeding the ideas behind Guestbook. 

So Guestbook 247 was born. Over the next spring and summer we discussed ideas, built a backlog of stories, chose Microsoft Azure as the cloud platform, created an early build. From there on we kept adding new and improved features and inviting other property owners to try us out and get their all important feedback.

Where We Going?

World domination! No, only joking. We're happy to serve our community of property owners and keep expanding the user base whilst keeping sight of our core goals of helping you get more customers, making life easier by freeing up your time whilst delivering a reliable, safe system.

Guestbook 247 now has a good range of mature features helping our customers 247. From here on major developments will include an updated user interface, more integrations with other apps, like accounting systems and of course listening to and reacting to your feedback.



Popular posts from this blog

Advanced Payment and Deposit Tax Invoicing

Did You Know? UK and EU VAT / Sales Tax rules mean that when you take a deposit or advanced payment for services, such as a stay in your property, that creates a tax point. This means you need to report the payment in the current VAT period and produce an invoice detailing the tax allocation. This can be quite complex, error prone and time consuming process.  Even more so if you have to deal with different Tax Rates for different invoice items. More information from HMRC
Example You take a booking in April for 1 room, 2 guests with breakfast for 5 nights starting in November at £630 and right now you take 50% deposit of £315. A tax point has been created and you need to report the receipt of £315 on your current VAT return and issue an invoice to the guest. 
Lets assume this is the breakdown of the chargeable services: room rate : £96 * 5 = £480 (gross, inc VAT)breakfast : £15 * 10 = £150 (gross, inc VAT) How do you all…

The Importance of Notes

There's always something extra you want to note down about a booking, maybe a guest has specific dietary requirements, wants a car hire arranged, is arriving at an unusual time. Well the Guestbook note feature makes it easy to add a bit extra info to a booking.

Sometime it's the little things that have the greatest impact. In this case a little yellow dot on the availability calendar. Not all notes are born equal, in some cases we want to mark a note as important.

Adding an important note to the booking will activate the magic yellow dot on the availability calendar.  Not only is this a great visual reminder but hover the mouse over the booking on the calendar and see the note pop-up. Hopefully you won't miss that little special something to keep the guest happy.

From the booking edit page click the Add Note button and ensure the Important Note checkbox i ticked. Then when that booking is visible on the availability calendar
you'll see yellow dot.

Making Invoicing Even Easier

Base Rate Templates. With the recent release of Guestbook 247 Kaprun invoicing has just become even easier. We've worked to make it simple to split a booking base rate into one or more invoice lines. So for instance if a booking base rate includes a room rate and breakfast fee attracting different tax rates you can now define this once in a base rate template and apply it to selected bookings. Guestbook will generate an invoice containing separate lines for the room rate and breakfast. The template can define a mix of invoice items with fixed or percentage based amounts.
Guestbook 247 will take care of allocating the base rate across the different invoice categories and tax rates. So taking our bed and breakfast example the template rules would look like: breakfast €15 inc 12% tax per nightroom rate 100% of unallocated base rate (after breakfast amount) inc 15% tax per night You can define multiple base rate templates to cover different requirements and set one to be a default. Th…