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New Dashboard And Modern Look.

Lots Has Been Happening. We've been very busy with lots of exciting new features and have created a more modern and cleaner look for guestbook 247. Not just a new look but a much enhanced dashboard from which to see at a glance key info, bookings, availability and business insights. We hope the new look will make using and navigating guestbook more pleasant, easier and productive.

The Dashboard.  The dashboard is your new Guestbook 247 home from where you can see and do most of your daily task and get easy insights on your business. The availability calendar sporting a new fresh look and improved navigationKey business metrics such as number of bookings and enquiries, rooms occupied The Timeline shows your booking info for the the most relevant bookingsrecent activitynew enquireswho's in and outInstant guest search based on name or emailBooking source charts - see at a glance where your bookings are coming from, compare different time periods to spot trends too.Charts to insta…